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In 2016, 21-year-old Leo Terzo took a leap into the insurance industry. Coming in green, Leo was mentored by multiple veteran agents who taught him the importance of proper coverage for the clients. Leo took this information and began serving his community. 


From there, Leo realized that his passion was to help others. Being an insurance agent allowed him to be the guiding hand for someone on potentially their worst day, but also assist someone during major life milestones. He and his team are motivated by the game of finding you the best coverage for the best rates; they do the hard work so that you don't have to. No games, no fuss - just a solid plan to protect your most valuable assets.


The team comes from strong Italian family ties and utilize those same morals within the business. Leo and his team will welcome you into their agency with open arms, and assist you like you are their own family - providing you with the coverage to sleep well at night knowing that your loved ones are safe and provided for.


They would love to welcome you to stop by their office in Washington, Michigan (located in the Metro Detroit area) anytime to meet the team, to get a quote, and to join the family!

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